Power Plants.

Power plants are large, complex structures built to generate electric power. They may be also called power stations or generating stations and may have several generators for generating electric power. There are several types of power plants available for use and will be discussed subsequently. Power stations contain generators which convert rotary mechanical energy into electric power. Others however rely on renewable energy sources such as wind and the sun which store electrons in large batteries and utilized when the coal fired or oil fired power generation plant experiences failure.

Types of power plants

The types include;

  1. Coal fired power plant
  2. Geothermal power plants
  3. Wind turbines
  4. Nuclear power plants
  5. Solar power plants
  6. Hydro Electric power plants
  7. Biomass
  8. Osmotic power station.


The power plant types are further classified into renewable energy plant sources and non renewable plants sources.

The renewable power plants sources include; solar, wind, hydro electric, biomass.

The non renewable power plants sources include, coal, gas,oil fired. The types and classification of these plants will be discussed subsequently. These sources of power generation have been used for at least one hundred years and research and development are still ongoing to replace most of the non renewable sources of energy with cleaner and cheaper ones.

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