A satellite is an object that has been placed in space, revolving in an orbit. Satellites are classed into natural satellites and artificial satellites. Natural satellites include, the sun, moon, stars, artificial satellites are the objects made by man and placed in orbits in outer space and used for communication and geographical survey of the earth. These artificial satellites are constructed in special laboratory- like rooms before being transported to launch sites and loaded on to rockets which transport them into space. Satellites find many applications for civil and military purposes including earth observation, communication, navigation, space telescope, space station, human spacecraft. Their communication and navigation purpose include the GPS which is used by both the military and the general populace. Satellite orbit vary according to their purpose including low Earth orbit, polar orbit and geostationary. The non military application of satellites are basically of three types; These are fixed satellites, mobile satellite systems and scientific research satellites. The fixed satellites offer trillions of voice, data and video transmissions tasks across countries and continents between certain points on the Earth’s surface. Mobile satellite systems help connect remote regions, vehicles, ships aircraft with the rest of the world and with other communication units, mobile or stationary while also serving as navigation systems. Scientific research satellites provide information such as the weather,land survey and other scientific research such as earth science, marine science and scientific data on the earth’s atmosphere. So many countries are now capable of building and launching their own satellites. They include, New Zealand, France, China, Britain, Japan,United States, North Korea, Iran, South Korea, Russia. More countries are also acquiring the technique of building and launching satellites. Private companies are now building and launching their own satellites such as Tesla. There are increasing dangers posed to satellites from kinetic kills using rockets to jamming. Several countries such as the United States, China and Russia have demonstrated the ability to destroy satellites in space using anti- satellite rockets. Jamming of satellites have also been carried out by militant organizations to spread propaganda messages and to pilfer classified information. However, governments and satellite operators have strengthened the communication networks and now have sophisticated systems that enable pinpoint the source of any foreign carrier in their networks and deal effectively to solve the problem.

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