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This blog is all about technology available to us and technology in the conception and testing stage but not yet available to the consumer. From smart phones to 5G tech we will discuss new and emerging technologies which are shaping our lives providing convenience and efficiency. We will also discuss inventions that have shaped our lives for centuries and how they have developed into the modern technologies we use today.

  • 5G is the next generation of communication technology. This technology promise faster downloads of movies and other programs, movie streaming with no lag time, greater efficiency in telemedicine, integration into self driving cars, smart TVs, smart watches, smart homes and all associated appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, cookers etc. In essence this technology will change how we live and work.

  • Electric vehicles will fundermentally alter the way we use cars for mobility, either intercity movement or journeys to other states and provinces within countries. Thus the use of internal combustion engines on cars which cause a lot of pollution to the environment will be greatly reduced and with political will eliminated altogether from all cars.

The electric vehicle or EV as it is commonly called will not require refuelling from petrol or gas stations which could explode and lead to loss of lives of many people as we have seen in many countries over the years but will also eliminate the need to transport refined petroleum products from refineries via tanker trucks through densely populated city roads which is very dangerous to the population (as these tankers may explode due to human error leading to huge loss of life) and also dangerous to the environment (due to oil spill).

By and large, the need to develop EV technology to increase the kilometer range of these vehicles and also incorporate these technologies to build heavy lift vehicles have become imperative.

The charging time for these vehicles should be reduced while the batteries used to power the vehicles should be improved to provide longer hours to power these vehicles. Only when these technologies have been tested and proved to be reliable will the general public willingly give up their internal combustion vehicles for electric vehicles.

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  1. The future of communication is 5G technology.We must embrace this new generation of communication technology to enhance our businesses, develop self driving cars, enhance efficient healthcare delivery, faster download of movies, and enable a whole new set of efficient manufacturing.

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